The course is designed to help the student prepare for the future use of the skills in the ministry of the Word.  Doing sound exegesis is more a way of thinking about the actual text of the Bible than it is a simple method of Bible study.  It involves learning how to ask the right questions in the process of interpreting the text and answering them within the proper guidelines of what the language, the context, and the theology provide. The method will include the study of syntax, words, poetics, textual criticism, biblical theology, and practical exegetical exposition of the different parts of the Old Testament.

 The course is not a course in reading Hebrew and parsing the verb forms, although it will include both.  It is a course in developing the various skills needed to do a thorough job of Old Testament exegesis.  This course builds on the first year Hebrew courses and it is not a remedial Hebrew course, but in the process of analyzing the text it will afford the student the opportunity to review points of morphology and grammar.